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We greatly appreciate all our clients for showing support to Black owned businesses in America as it is very vital towards the future of Black Americans striving to succeed through economic barriers placed against us. I started this company with just an idea and self-motivation. Being in the Skincare/Beauty industry for 15 years working for top designer brands such as Lancome , Chanel , Clinique, Clarins, Peter Thomas Roth, Phyto and more I decided to start my own Organic Skincare facial bar and create my own line of skincare and beauty products filled with potent botanicals and essential oils that will deliver results at affordable prices. Our Botanical skincare line are designed to Tone, Hydrate, Rejuvenate and promote intercellular repair. I decided to start this beauty line and facial bar so customers can experience what customization facial feels like at affordable prices.

connect, rebuild and empower

We’re here to connect, rebuild and empower our communities by building a strong economic political foundation for descendants of American slaves rather your Ancestors were victims of the Transatlantic slave trade or Indigenous Black nations who Ancestors been here in America since Paleolithic times  were all victims in being denationalize from their true heritage here in America and in Africa both needs critical acknowledgment in this political fight for Reparations for the damages from Chattel slavery.

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Licensed Esthetician/ Chicago Beauty Ambassador for Luxury Beauty Brands

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