Spa Facial Promotional Event

Spa Facial Promotional Event

Come and Relax let us pamper your skin with 7 in 1 Glam Glow Machine with any facial treatment. All facial treatment Book Online will receive 15% for all treatments over $100.00.


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Touring Events

Facial Spa Holiday Event

Sat, Oct 17, 20203:00 PM  Thu, Dec 31, 20204:00 PM Chaal Boutique Ankh (map) Google Calendar  ICS Come and Relax let us pamper your skin with our Botanical facial treatments. All facial treatments

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Understanding Skin Functuality

Stratum Corneum: Cells that are continually being shed and replaced Stratum Lucidum: Works like a barrier in some manner Stratum Granulosum: These cells are dying and undergo a change into

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Understanding the Skin Layers

The human body’s largest organ is the skin. This protector layer provides barriers from germs and bacteria from entering your body therefore taking care of your skin is very essential.

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